7 Tray Dryer


Specifications of 7 Tray Dryer

  •  Machine Capacity- 7 Tray Dryer 
  •  Setting Point(Degree Celsius)- 0-70
  •  Watts- 1600W
  •   Weight-50Kg
  •  COST:
    • GI Tray-38,000+*18% GST+Transportation charge
    • Stainless Steel Tray-50,000+*18% GST+Transportation charge
    • Full Stainless Steel Tray-90,000+*18% GST+Transportation charge

Features of 7 Tray Dryer

  • The Dryers body is made up of 2.7mm laminated Hylum sheets, highly durable, reinforced, Water proof, and oil proof.
  • High density (EPS) Thermo Cole (30 Esq.) for better insulation and 2.7 mm Aluminum Channels for long life.
  • Stainless inner mechanism.
  • Air route- perfect laminar flow forced ventilation with Sufficient fans.
  • Digital temperature Controller with electronic sensor and digital display (accurate to +/- 1%).
  • Fully automatic .
  • Trays: Specially designed Aluminum trays with G.I Sheet imposed.
  • Size of one tray is 27x20x1 Inches LxBxH.
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